Effetto Mariposa Shelter Roll - Off-Road - 54mm x 1m

€35.16 (incl. verzendkosten)

Functies en technische details

Shelter is a self-adhesive, transparent protection with visco-elastic behaviour that protects carbon-fibre or metal structures it’s applied to. Available in two versions, Road and Off-Road. Key Features: Shelter tape is a multi-layer acrylic protection tape which dissipates any impact energy on two axis.  Each layer spreads loads vertically and horizontally, the impact energy decreases at each layer, protecting the bike frame.  Perfect for carbon frames where the surface epoxy resin can be brittle and sensitive to impacts. The tape is clear, does not hide graphics and can be applied easily. Impact test video available for viewing below Off Road - 1.2mm thick. Road - 0.6mm thick
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