Sonor AS 12 1406 CM Artist Snare

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Functies en technische details

Sonor AS 12 1406 CM Artist Snare, Snare Drum@+Perfect as an all-round snare drum, this model has a 9-ply maple shell (medium maple shell) and a cottonwood natural finish as well as die-cast chrome plated hoops. This snare drum produces a warm and full tone with a harmonic frequency range. The clear attack and sensitive response due to the exclusive stainless steel wires complete the outstanding sound performance.@+@+, Size: 14"" x 06"", Drum shell: Maple (medium maple), Shell thickness: 9 Layers = 6 mm, Tension rods: 2 X 10 screws, Snare wires: SW 1424 S, 24 Stainless steel spirals, Matt lacquered, Die-cast hoops, TuneSafe, Dual-Glide lifting, Chromed fittings with finish protectors, Colour: Cottonwood Maple (CM)
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Sonor AS 12 1406 CM Artist Snare

Laatste update : 10/18/2021